21 April 2018

Saber and Blood Kickstarter is live!

My friends over at Kazrak miniatures have launched their kickstarter campaign for the board game "Saber & Blood". It's a small scale "brawl" game where combat is done with both special fencing dice and cards. The fighting aspects of the game are really well done, and there a a bunch of scenarios in the core rulebook that I had the pleasure of reviewing a while back.
The game is set in 17th century eastern Europe and the core factions are Poles and Cossacks, with more factions available for the game if all goes well.

The Kickstarter is straight forward, single level entry, no nonsense. At 55£ you get the game and all unlocked stretch goals. I hope it does well. So if you are interested, help spread the word and back the game!

 Here you can read my review review 

and here are the painted miniatures

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