26 April 2018

Saber & Blood kickstarter update

The guys running the Saber & Blood campaign have made some changes to the campaign - adding one of the unlockable factions "The Deceived ones" straight to the core box.

It is also important to know, that pledging for the game - even at a standard level - gives you every single unlocked feature for free! So new factions, decks of command cards, boards and tokens for a mere £55!

For those not knowing much about the game it is also worth mentioning that each faction is made up of roughly 3 models with its very own command deck. That is important because much flavor of the faction and the combos you can pull off during gameplay derive from those decks. The locations also have their own "location decks" featuring terrain elements that can be used against your opponents during the brawls. You may also need to know that the game is not simply about killing every opponent miniature, but rather about objectives that require you to outsmart your enemies more often than beating them to a bloody pulp.

I really look forward to seeing the additional game boards unlcoked, but am also keen to see how the other factions that we know little about to this date will unfold (Musketeers, Brotherhood of faith and the wolf maidens).

The guys have also uploaded several videos presenting the game, including a video about gameplay.

If you think this looks interesting, don't hesitate to check out their campaign and back the game. They are a small company with a true "indie" product that has huge potential and really need the kickstarter to actually manufacture the game rather than use the kickstarter for pre-order as is common these days!



  1. I found really interesting your previous post about Saber & Blood, thank you for this !

    I'm happy to contribute to their kickstarter, the team seem energic and strongly motivated. Their last update with the additional cards and profiles for the core game is a good idea. Hope they will unlock a lot of stuff.

  2. Nice to hear Julie, I too hope that they unlock all the stuff. The game is real fun and the gameplay both tactical and have satisfying tactical combat with the different dice and card combinations.


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