22 May 2018

Anno Domini 1666 campaign update

Some updates and also some very nice artwork for the game, I think many are still waiting for the Cossacks to be revealed.

Some pictures of the plastic vs metal comparison, pictures are not of the best quality but I still think they capture the detail and crispness of the sculpts and the plastic material well, the model to the very right is a 3D printed member of the Broken Cross.

Some painted examples:

Some of the artwork

And some of the new add-ons and stretch goals, one of them is a social media stretch goal tied to the number of likes that the Anno Domini 1666 facebook page can get.

Miniatures aside, this is still a boardgame hybrid and many wonder about the rules and gameplay. I was told that more let's play videos with examples of various situations and gamepley will be posted fairly soon.


  1. Thank you for sharing theses pictures, I've searched desperately for a good one showing plastic and metal miniature side by side. Hope they will show the Cossacks before the end of the week !

  2. Nice minis. I always find is good to look at the concept art before painting minis.

  3. @ Julie,
    The Cossacks are definitely the most awaited faction for the game if you look at the comments. I have been saving up a spare amount of money for the cossack stretch goals alone :D

    I do the same :-)


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