17 May 2018

Anno Domini 1666 Kickstarter is live and already funded!

My friends over at Wargamer.pl, creators of By Fire & Sword, are running their new project Anno Domini 1666 on Kickstarter. This time around the game is set in the same period as By Fire & Sword but is presented as a 28mm skirmish board game.

I was lucky enough to try out the beta version last year when visiting Poland (my thoughts here). Now the game has finally been revealed as a long awaited Kickstarter.

The campaign has already been funded during the first 24 hours of the campaign, and it is currently being expanded with stretch goals. The game features one of my favorite settings, 17th century Europe, and you have the option to pledge for hard plastic or metal versions of the miniatures for the game as well as the stretch goals.

The rulebook and the scenario book are also available for download, just bear in mind that the rules are not finalized, and the number of scenarios may grow as the campaign progresses. The number of add-on factions and characters, maps etc will also grow during the campaign.

I will not go into full detail, as the campaign does a good job presenting both the setting, story and various factions of the game over at the Kickstarter page. But I will drop a few pictures from the campaign so that you can see what's on offer :-)

This is an excellent opportunity to get great miniatures for the "Three Musketeers", heroes of Sienkiewicz "Trilogy" and other miniatures that will not only be playable in this specific game but also possible to use with other miniature wargames due to the scale and quality of the sculpts. The campaign itself ends in 25 days.

The Kickstarter can be reached by this LINK or by clicking on the Anno Domini 1666 banner on this blog.



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