09 May 2018

Blood Eagle - stop the dark ritual

I had all but forgotten about these pictures when I looked through my backlog, these are from 3 separate games of Blood Eagle played some weeks ago. I had written my own scenario that we play tested a few times so I could tweak it.

The scenario is played on a 4x4 table, with a ritual circle in the middle containing an altar. The protagonists (warbands of all races except the undead faction) need to stop the ongoing ritual performed by a necromancer before it is finished. There is a turn limit, and the ritual site is also protected by runes that need to be removed from a nearby location before the ritual site can be entered and the altar can be smashed.

The antagonists, which will always be the undead in this scenario, start with a "Aptrgangr" a warlock able to both resurrect fallen enemies and shooting ice magic. The rest of the warband build is up to the antagonist player to decide. The warlock begins inside the ritual circle while the rest of the undead, as well as the protagonist warband enter from opposing sides. 

Also, there is a large house containing a number of zombies trying to break through the barricaded door. The house is located on the protagonist side of the board, and these zombies are not part of the army list for the antagonist player, but rather bonus characters to be used once they break out of the building.

If the heroes do not reach the ritual circle in time, there will be a chance of "sudden death" at the end of each turn determined rolling 1D10 +1 per turn beyond the limit. If the roll is 8 or higher the game ends as a undead victory as the necromancer successfully raised a horde of fallen warriors and buried civilians from beneath the burial mounds in the surrounding countryside. If the protagonist manage to smash the altar they win immediately. If the protagonists kill the warlock the remaining undead begin to crumble and their fate value (save) is decreased making them easier to kill.

We had a good time trying this scenario out, and I was real happy about the unit cards I made for the game which made army list building very easy and a fast process. I thought I would share some pictures from the games we played, hope you enjoy them.


  1. Thanks Lee, I need to find my notebook with the last version of the scenario and post it as a PDF or something for download :)


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