02 May 2018

SAGA mounted anglo saxon warlord

I've had a lot of distractions from painting the last couple of weeks, but really wanted to get back into painting so I figured painting up a character model would pull me into the painting mode again.
This is a miniature made out of the plastic Conquest Games Norman knights box, with an added cape from the Warlord Games Saxon Thegns box. I also have Alfred the Great as a metal miniature from Gripping Beast, but will save painting him for later.

I know that once I get into painting mode things will be done at a brisk pace, and next up are 8 Norman mounted Hearthguards. I have a bunch of other stuff that begs for paint as well, but I think focusing on finishing the SAGA Norman/Anglo-Saxons need priority since they require the most work. All my other projects consist of single miniatures and not whole units.


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