10 June 2018

Getting into By Fire & Sword: part 3 Rules overview

Part 3 of my video series about the historical wargame By Fire & Sword. In part 3 I give you a general overview of the rules and the command, movement and combat phase. There are also some examples of game play situations and how combat is resolved.

I had a lot of trouble with this video, my camera messed up a large chunk in the middle of my material so I had to do what I could with the beginning and the end of my shooting session. I think this part could have been a bit better, but I hope to fix that in upcoming parts.

Many of the special rules will be explained in the next part where I talk about the different unit types and equipment rules.
As always, feel free to ask questions and give comments, I may include answers to those in future parts of this series.


  1. Anatoli, Many thanks for these videos. I bought the rules at Salute and your explanations are really helpful. Any thoughts on playing BFaS in 28mm?

    1. Hi Nick, thanks for watching :)

      No no plans for playing it in 28mm, though that question is not completely foreign. The rules would work, but you would require to play on a larger table if you translate the movement ranges to inches from centimeters.


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