22 June 2018

This War of Mine painted characters

I finally finished painting all the playable characters for "This War of Mine: The board game". The models are simple castings and required a different approach from regular wargaming miniatures, but I enjoyed the simplicity and could focus on the colors instead of lots of details cluttering each miniature.

This was also a bit of an experiment, I have never painted board game miniatures before and I was very tempted to paint up the investigators from Mansions of Madness 2nd edition, but wanted to try out painting board game minis on a smaller scale first (there are fewer characters in TWoM than in MoM: 2nd edition).

All in all I'm very happy with the result. There are more miniatures in the Kickstarter edition that I got, with soldiers, kids, thugs, a dog and some farmers as well. At the moment I'm fine with the models painted up, the others I have barely touched during gameplay so they did not feel as urgent to paint as the playable characters. I may paint up the rest in the future, but I will likely focus on the investigators from MoM next instead.


  1. You got some great results on those minis!

  2. They look great- they'll certainly add to the game experience.



  3. Great job! I love your shading


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