17 September 2018

Imperial Japanese Army museum pictures

Whilst in Japan we visited the "Yushukan" museum/shrine in Tokyo. The museum is built near the shrine that commemorates soldiers who died in battle, and the museum itself is a bit controversial since the shrine was used as a resting ground for a couple of people deemed war criminals. The museum also tells the history of Japan, from the early ages through modern wars, culminating with WW2. As a "hotspot" for Japanese nationalists, I must say that I found very little if anything to be offended by.

This museum is a must for anyone interested in Japanese war history as the museum boasts a very good collection of exhibits and items. Unfortunately, most of the museum has a "no photo" policy, but the large entrance and a huge central chamber showcasing primarily WW2 themed equipment was open for photography.

Among the more interesting objects on display were two Japanese fighter/bombers, a Japanese tank, a one man submarine and a large model of a Japanese carrier. Of all the museums we visited, this one had an equal amount of English text compared to Japanese, so very informative and easy to read about every item on display and the chronology of Japanese history.

Also very interesting to read about history from Japanese point of view. I did not find any historical  lies, but certain aspects of the brutal conduct of the Imperial Japanese Army in occupied China for instance were omitted. It was however, as I said, interesting to read about the Japanese point of view especially from the time the USA forced open trade with Japan in the late 19th century, the period just before WW1, WW1 and the interwar period. The reasoning around certain decisions such as the Russo-Japanese war to name one conflict. Of course there was also a lot about the WW2 period but most of that is common knowledge and not as new, at least to me.

The museum was also very affordable, and had a good gift shop. I highly recommend a visit if you are into history.


  1. A country I would love to visit especially to see the castles!

  2. I was there in July, and cannot recommend Japan as a tourist destination enough (even without the amazing historical themes which draw a person like me). A truly amazing place to visit.


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