09 October 2018

Lobotomy playable characters painted up

I purchased a pre-owned copy of Lobotomy a couple of weeks ago - a pretty good game once you tweak it with the updated rulebook, QRF's and use some of the proposed rule changes over at Board Game Geek.

Anyway, the theme of this game being a mental hospital and the player characters having a nightmarish idea of the whole institution and their fellow patients and staff is purely awesome. What they perceive as monsters and weapons, are in fact ordinary people, staff and items. But with their demented hallucinations and crazed visions they think otherwise.

With that comes a bunch of really good looking miniatures.

It would be a shame to play this game with unpainted grey plastic minis, so I started my next "board game painting project" by adding paint to the player characters. Monsters will follow :- )

Despite being board game miniatures, the amount of detail is really good, and the sculpting is such that the minis are both fun and easy to paint!

What I'm doing for this game is that I primed all miniatures in white to save time when painting all the white areas. I wash the minis in a sepia wash and highlight the white garbs with ghost grey and matt white. It works better than I thought and I can't imagine having to paint the white using my normal technique of base coating with dark brown and working my way up to white in several time consuming layers.

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