03 November 2018

Lobotomy 4 boss monsters painted up

Painted these a few days ago, these are boss monsters/elite monsters for Lobotomy.

The Nemesis (hollow man), Anti Christ, The Clown and The Faceless (Slender Man).
The Faceless is not part of the core game, I purchased him as a separate model together with some possessed nuns to add some extra monsters to the game :)
Next up will be some witches, female vampires and slashers, followed by the twins, frankensteins monster and the possessed nuns.


  1. These are a frightening bunch. Very nice treatment of them, all. Satanic goat FTW! The other three are great too, especially the clown, but goat is truly awesome. :)

    1. Thanks Ryder, I really enjoy painting these :)


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