21 November 2018

Lobotomy - remaining miniatures painted up and finished!

Finished the last miniature for Lobotomy late last night, great feeling and a satisfying sense of achievement. It was a bit daunting at first but slowly the whole core box and a couple of add-on miniatures were all painted up.

These miniatures are the final monsters for the game, "Twins", "Nuns", "Frankensteins monster", "Witches" and "Baba Yaga".

The possessed nuns (just like the Slender man) were purchased as an extra add-on, the remaining monsters are all core box miniatures. The twins are a wonderfully creepy rendition of the urban legend of "Black eyed people". I really think that the whole painted uå collection will not only add gameplay value to Lobotomy, but the miniatures should also be useful for other games as well despite having clear bases.

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