01 December 2018

Nemesis board game, crew characters painted up

I received my Kickstarter copy of Nemesis the board game a couple of days ago. Game looks great, and a full review will be posted as soon as we've played a couple of games. What surprised me the most was the quality of the playing cards. I had stocked up with sleeves, but that may not be necessary as the cards are of very sturdy and thick desig

I had some problems with damaged game box and a damaged game board, but customer service promised replacements within a few weeks, so that is comforting.

In the meantime I painted up the playable characters, the crew from the core box. I think they are 28mm, but much more realistic in terms of limb thickness etc so they appear small next to regular 28mm miniatures. They painted up rather quickly.

In order to not have to use the color coded rings for the bases, and to be able to quickly identify characters on the board, I painted them in distinct colors according to their player sheets. That means, blue for the captain, purple for the scout, yellow for the mechanic, green for the pilot, red for the soldier and grey for the scientist.

I had ordered the "Sundrop" pre-shaded version of the core box, so the aliens are already undercoated and washed in  blue/green tint. I will be adding some details to them later on and will most likely repaint the bases. But overall it was a good choice, much better than having grey plastic.

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  1. Hi Anatoli. I agree with you, cards quality is prefect. Great job on the crew members minis. I was searching for "painted over sundrop minis" in order to correct mine: sundrop is not that good on the crew members, I'm pretty disappointed, even if it's much better the Intruders. I have a question for you: did you do anything on the minis before painting them - like cleaning or at least priming - or did you go on the Sundrop?


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