13 November 2019

Short adventurers for D&D painted up

Some short adventurers painted up for our upcoming D&D 5e game. For some reason everyone went for halflings, gnomes and dwarfs. My buddy Thomas went with a human wizard, so that will be the only "tall" character in the band. Will see if I can paint up a new wizard model over the next couple of days.

As a sidenote, I REALLY recommend using Vallejo "Glaze medium" to get a dead matte effect on your minis. The Vallejo matt varnish and Army Painted Anti Shine drove me nuts with their half assed results. I read about the Glaze medium trick online, it is recommended to brush a very thin and slightly watered down coat of the glaze medium on the mini and let it dry for a few hours to get a perfect result. I even went over some old minis that were still shiny and it worked wonders.

The miniatures are all from Reaper, they are supposed to represent the following characters from left to right: Halfling Cleric, Halfling Ranger, Dwarf Fighter, Gnome Rouge. The cleric had a weapon swap and added shield and the ranger had a swapped sword since they were both made out of the "Bones" material which is soft and on the thick side when it comes to details. The other two miniatures are metal models.

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